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About Us

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce our self as a leading Bamboo Furniture Maker in Bangalore, a best topographical location for getting the highest quality of Bamboo. We showcase a wide variety bamboo furniture which satisfy the needs of all works of life be it corporate, domestic, commercial so on. In other word “Assam Bamboo Creations is nature’s answer to your well being and prosperity with its gorgeous , elegant and eye catching looks which definitely speaks Assam’s tireless Endeavour and quest for quality and finish also.

However this the beginning of a journey and we sincerely believe that no other tropical furniture manufacturer has had a more profound impact on the designs of Assam Bamboo Creations. We offer a perfect balance of modern elegant and timeless sensibility with the highest quality materials which is reflected in our creations. Assam Bamboo Creations are extremely fashionable, functional and eco friendly which are durable as we undertake a rigorous process to make the bamboo insects free hence improving the longevity as well as the strength.

Assam Bamboo Creations are durable for indoor as well as outdoor settings, offices, luxury suites, common areas, dining, living rooms and much much more. We use only bamboo nail to fix and bamboo powder to seal the gap. So, we have the ability to convert bamboo as per human comfort and need.

Our prestigious clients are :

  • Wipro
  • Sundar Home
  • Hotel Hukka Bar
  • Farm House
  • Pyramid Valley
  • Hotel Trippy Paradise
  • Royal Palace Restaurant, Kolar Highway
  • My Cloudforest
  • Industrial Caterers_Techmahindra E - City
  • Bamboo Heights, BTM 
  • Art Of Living